A brand that will make you think rather than see.

Brand Identity

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No logo logo

What if we helped the brain subconsciously brand for you? What if there was no logo, and we were left to fill in the gaps? Research shows that we learn far better by doing and participating than watching passively. So why not have the audience participate?

This is exactly what we did for London based creative collaborative Something.

It’s all in the name

“Something” — A thing that is unspecified or unknown. It can mean anything or nothing at the very same time. Through this logic we decided to reinvent the expected delivery of a logo. Typically, you see a logo, identify it and make associations, rarely saying the brand out loud.

By censoring the logo and incorporating it into language we encourage the audience to fill in the gaps placing Something in the subconscious through the conscious.

Let the language lead

Who says we can’t have fun? A brand built around language provides us with limitless opportunities to play, evolve and even provoke. Oozing with personality and allowing us to flex our funny bones, Something will challenge you to think but should not be taken too seriously.

The Mad Men effect

An episode of Mad Men sees Don Draper present a Heinz advertisement with no ketchup bottle in sight but instead with the products ketchup is expected to be put on. The scene ends with the saying “you’ll be thinking of ketchup all day…and you didn’t even see it”. Something for you to think about.