A balanced brand helping us move into the now.

Here Yoga
Brand Identity

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  • Environmental Signage

Finding the now

Yoga improves our flexibility, builds strength and releases tension. It can also make us happier, calmer and even help us sleep better. When rebranding an established studio to reach broader audiences, we required a name, brand and strategy which encapsulated the universal benefits of yoga, while creating a sense of place and community. Importantly we needed to connect with an authentic audience who are not too bohemian or exclusive.

A brand balanced through language

The name (Here) Yoga was born from the philosophy of being present and living in the now, a place which yoga transports us. This principle guided the development of a brand which is expressed through and led by language. Politely highlighting the holistic value which yoga offers, a practice helping us move into the now.

The naming would set the entire precedent for the brand, something we knew was an incredibly important first step.

Jack Mussett, Motherbird Director

The Motherbird team worked seamlessly to uncover our values and beliefs, creating a brand which is authentic to who we are, where we have come from and where we are going.

Sarah Cresswell, Here Yoga Director & Founder

Creating a community

Designed to invite participation and interaction the brand uses social media to connect, inspire and reach new audiences. Branded touched points are placed throughout the studio, foyer and change rooms as quiet and subtle reminders to help us find our place within, while inviting unobtrusive interaction. A cue of (Here) Yoga’s purpose to be present, be mindful, be here.

Finding yourself in the present

With an overwhelmingly positive reception from existing loyal and newly reached audiences. (Here) Yoga is an authentic brand that lives up to and embodies its purpose. In an industry saturated with broken promises and quick fixes (Here) Yoga reminds us to be gentle with ourselves.