A new direction for an iconic festival. Unapologetically Jazz.

Melb Int'l Jazz Fest
Festival Campaign

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital & Print Design
  • Event Signage

Cutting to the chase

‘Melbourne international Jazz Festival’ that’s quite a mouthful. How about ‘Melb Int’l Jazz Fest’? Much better! We stripped back to cut through, with a brandmark that is bold, clean and balances unmistakable with subtle. That’s Jazz right?

Jazz can happen anywhere

During the prohibition era speakeasies became prolific and along with them came Jazz; popping up everywhere and anywhere, just as Jazz does when taking over Melbourne. A design strategy delivered through a structured but flexible brand system uses negative space to symbolizes where Jazz can happen and who Jazz is for; anywhere and anyone!

Bring in the new guard

Jazz is continually evolving, shifting and growing as it is influenced and fused with other genres such as; funk, electronic, hip hop and R&B. To attract new audiences and challenge the preconceived notions and expectations of Jazz the brand was crafted with a mix of fluidity and structure. The brand is exciting and dynamic to entice to new audiences while being distinctively and undeniably Jazz in order to rouse existing devotees.

Visual rhythm

Rhythmic, propulsive and purposeful, typographic repetition is used to embody the tempo and rhythm of Jazz. This repetition both garners attention and enforces no doubt that Jazz has arrived in the city of Melbourne. The flexibility created through this pulsing typographic system allows messages to be succinct, striking and flexible, allowing rollout across all the festival collateral with absolute ease including the website by Bravo!. Visual Jazz.

Working with the team at Motherbird has really allowed us to celebrate and promote Melbourne International Jazz Festival as a world class music event with world class design which appealed to the broad audience segments that we attract on a yearly basis.

Dean Worthington, Marketing and Development Director