This Odyssey is a true celebration of creative collaboration.

Handpicked Wines

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design

An odyssey of our own

We recently partnered with Handpicked Wines to produce their seasonal campaign titled ‘Odyssey by Motherbird’, which is a celebration of creative collaboration.
We created the campaign story and name, produced the neon and laser foiled packaging, themed the launch event and art directed the beautiful visualisations.

Collaboration is key

Odyssey is all about the individual and shared creative journeys taken by artists, designers, musicians and even winemakers around the world. With rosé label artwork by Romance Was Born, motion projections by Joyce N. Ho and product renderings by 3D2D it was truly an incredible team effort and the epitome of creative collaboration.

Outcome exceeded

Running for a 5 month period, Odyssey performed outstandingly. Instore sales were up by 170% during the campaign period, leading to the words “most companies couldn’t buy this outcome”, and growth in online wine sales in 2019 went up 27.6% compared to the previous year.

An international journey

Launching across SE Asia and China the campaign has been hugely successful in helping to open up new markets. Creating a luxe product finish to Odyssey helped Handpicked get ranged as a premium wine in the top 3 supermarkets in Myanmar…not to mention it flew off the shelvessoon after.